In a recent blog post we started to break down key factors to consider when arranging the location of your home’s air conditioning unit in Wellington. Today we get a little more technical as we explore further elements that could help your air conditioning unit to work most efficiently for you and your family, friends or flatmates.

Flow through

Did you know that air conditioning units can require different amounts of airflow? It all depends on the kind of unit you get. Some units require more airflow than others.

Before we get too technical here, you should know that the team at Wellington Refrigeration are fully qualified and clued-up on handling these matters – you can relax and leave the airflow situation to us! We’ll take one look at the product specifications on your unit and know exactly what to do.

Window locations and ventilation are the elements that matter most when it comes to airflow. We will take these into consideration when we install your air conditioning unit so that air is flowing effectively in your home. All you need to do is be prepared to accept that your unit might not be in the most aesthetically pleasing place…so be open-minded and creative with the way in which you balance your interior design to suit your unit.

The great outdoors: settling your unit on the other side

The other part of your air conditioning unit sits outdoors; chugging away as it preparing cool air to pump inside. Factors of note here are where it is placed in regard to sunlight and ‘messy’ plant life.

Sunlight: you’ll want to find the shadiest area of your home’s exterior in which to situate the outdoor unit. Heat from the sun will do your unit no favours as it works twice as hard to combat the heat AND pump out cool, crisp air!

Plant life: has your garden got any of those trees that like to litter leaves, flowers and pods everywhere? Foliage and driveway dust are no friends to the air conditioning unit, so let’s work together to find an area outside your home that will shelter your unit from harsh elements!

Loud noises

Your unit is working really hard to keep you cool…sometimes that means it is will be making a bit of noise in the process. If noise is going to be a big issue to you, then we recommend chatting to our refrigeration expert about which of the quieter air conditioning models might work for you.

Noisy units can pump sound in or outside your home. If your exterior unit is making a lot of noise, you might get an earful about it later from your neighbours! Nobody wants to deal with grumpy neighbours on a hot summer’s day, so keep your unit out of earshot or opt for a quieter model!

Plan to keep cool this summer by arranging an air conditioning technician to install or replace your unit in the right place. If you would like an air conditioning unit installed in Wellington, or if you’d like your current one moved to a more efficient spot in your building, give the team at Wellington Refrigeration a call today!