After that cold hard winter it looks like Wellington could be in for another luxuriously long hot summer! There’s good and bad aspects to that fact: while we love the gorgeous glow, it can certainly turn our homes into hot-zones!

Your best bet when it comes to battling the heat this summer is a Wellington air conditioning unit installation!

Air conditioning units are extremely effective at bringing the temperature in your home back to the cool comfort zone…but that’s all based upon having your air conditioning unit installed in the right place! Over the next two blogs we’ll be looking at a few tips and tricks to consider when having your aircon installed this summer.

First thing’s first: getting the room right

Start by asking yourself this question: where do you spend the hottest hours of the day?

The living area: are you bustling around the living room area preparing food? Do you like to spend time watching movies and chatting with family in the lounge? Are most meals enjoyed indoors? If the living area is where you spend most of your days, then the air conditioning unit should be placed in this space!

The bedrooms: many kiwis spend their summer days out and about and hardly come home during the hotter hours of the day. It isn’t until bedtime that the heat really gets to us, causing many uncomfortable evenings of stuffy sleep as the heat keeps us up. Naturally, our bodies like to cool down as we snooze, so heavy heat isn’t going to help us in the dozing department. Positioning your air conditioning unit in your bedroom will cool that room and the area immediately out it. We recommend positioning it in the hallway outside your bedrooms: this way, everyone has access to that nice cool air (as long as they keep their doors ajar).

Keep an eye out for part two of this blog in 2017. We’ll be talking airflow, external units and noise consideration.

If you’d like any advice on air conditioning unit placement in Wellington then don’t hesitate to give the team at Wellington Refrigeration a call! We are always happy to answer your questions, and we can arrange to stop by your home and help you find the perfect spot for an install.