Winter is on it’s wily way which means it’s time for your power bill to inflate as you use that extra portion of electricity to heat your home.

Did you know that heating generally counts for at least 35% of your winter power bill? Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most cost-effective heating method for your home. Cue heatpumps!

Heatpumps are a popular heating solution in kiwi homes…but it helps if you know how to use them most effectively. There are several tricks and tips you can glean from the team at Wellington Refrigeration that will see your heatpump performing at maximum efficiency with minimum damage to your power bill!


Here are our quick fire tips to see your heatpump performing efficiently this winter!


Only heat the rooms you intend to use!

There’s no point having a toasty toilet and bedroom while you’re spending the next few hours in the kitchen! Be smart about the area you choose to heat, and remember to keep your curtains, doors and windows closed while your unit is heating your home so none of that precious heat escapes!


Flick it on fifteen minutes before you arrive home for a perfect temp

If your heatpump has a timer…use it! Words can’t describe the wonderful feeling of walking into a pre-heated home on a cold winter’s night. Your heatpump is safe and efficient to use, even when nobody is home to monitor it! All you need to do is plan when you’ll be headed home and ensure your heatpump will be heating things up for you at least fifteen minutes before you walk through the door. A simple tip with incredibly satisfying results.


Select a setting and stick to it!

Rather than pushing your heatpump up to its maximum setting as soon as you feel the cold, the better way to go about heating a home is the long and low level method. Keep your heatpump between the 18 to 20ºC mark for a long period of time and you’ll find the heat stays around longer and stronger without using as much power as a big blast on its maximum setting might have. This method will save you power as the heatpump does less work, and you and your family feel less of a dramatic change in temperature; you won’t be so quick to flick it back to maximum when the cold creeps back in.


Call your Wellington heat pump technician for a yearly clean-up

Both your indoor and outdoor units will require a clean at least once a year to make sure the air filtering through is clean and healthy for your home. A professional heatpump technician will make sure your unit is in pristine working order for this and many winters to come.

If your unit is in need of a clean, call the team at Wellington Refrigeration today!