At Wellington Refrigeration, we understand how essential it is that your refrigeration systems are running as efficiently as possible. If not, it can cause you serious issues, from either damaging your stock or increasing your power bills.

We like to take a proactive approach to our commercial refrigeration service and maintenance plans, and recommend to our clients that they engage us on a regular maintenance programme that allows us to service their equipment on a regular basis. This enables us to identify and fix potential issues or problems before they happen. It doesn’t matter if you have just a few stand-alone refrigeration cabinets, or a more intricate dedicated refrigeration system – the proactive approach is always a good idea.

When implemented, our maintenance & service programme generally means you:

  • improve your equipment’s efficiency
  • will have lower running costs
  • increase the life-span of your equipment
  • reduce your carbon emissions

Our flexibility means we’re happy to tailor our maintenance packages exactly to your needs. We’ll create a checklist of everything that needs to be checked and confirmed, in order to keep our checks consistent and thorough. We’ll go through these lists on each visit to make sure that everything is running at an optimum level, and any potential issues are highlighted and resolved as soon as possible.

Included in our maintenance plans are:

  • Emergency support: 24/7 support for when your equipment fails and is in need of urgent repair and maintenance
  • Regular maintenance to ensure your equipment is fully operational and functional

If you’d like to know more about our commercial refrigeration servicing and maintenance plans, give us a call today on 04 565 0550.