Summer is on its way once again and for many of our clients, aircon is a necessity more so than a nice to have. All modern ducted central heat pumps will have the ability to switch over to cooling mode to either cool and/or dehumidify. A few of our clients, however, have heating only appliances or gas central ducted heating units, which often claim to ‘cool’ but are only able to open an exterior vent to bring in fresh air from outside – not particularly cool when it is 28°C outside!

Mitsubishi Electric has a small ducted air conditioning range suitable for smaller jobs, ranging from 3.5 kilowatts to 7.1 kilowatts. This means you don’t have the same capital outlay of a full home central ducted system but still have the ability to cool targeted areas. These units are perfect for being mounted in a ceiling, targeting two or more bedrooms or a single lounge or dining. Two-story homes certainly benefit greatly from having a compact ducted air conditioner fitted into the top story ceiling, targeting the heat rising throughout the house. So when you start tossing and turning in bed or can’t escape the heat, have a chat with us, we’ll have a solution for any budget I’m sure!

For all enquiries or questions around suitability and possible options, we’d be happy to offer advice on your existing home or planned new home or renovation.

Tim @ Wellington Refrigeration