What a summer we’ve had – if you can really call it that. We did see a few really nice days, although they came to an abrupt halt with some heavy rain and serious wind. Thankfully, March has been reasonably settled, and it has been great to see yachts and motor boats out on our beautiful harbour.

Our heat pump was back on heating mode during these last few cooler days, especially while that southerly came through. Which means, of course, that I need to service my heat pump. The dust that settles on and through the wet core of the indoor unit during summer cooling mode can become quite a stinky and sticky mess which of course affects efficient performance of the heat pump or air conditioner. We love heat pumps because of their economic performance during the winter months, so I like to know my machine is running as efficiently as it possibly can. Cleaning the filters regularly is a great thing to do, but they just can’t quite stop everything from getting through.  A service once a year is recommended, which includes a strip and clean of the heat pump in your home or business.

A request we’ve noticed a massive increase in is, “Can heat pumps heat an entire house centrally?” The answer of course is absolutely yes! Ducted heat pumps are a great way to heat an entire home from living rooms to bedrooms, especially if you prefer a less obtrusive heating source. The flush ceiling or floor register vents can be colour or design specific, and are very well designed – practically and visually. The rest is all unseen, either under the floor or in the ceiling space.

Floor console heat pumps are constantly proving popular, particularly in Wellington, due to the need for them to be primarily heat pumps, rather than air conditioners. Dragging cold air off the floor and effortlessly replacing it with warm air seems to suit many Wellington homes, particularly older wooden floor and high ceiling homes. Often a floor console heat pump installed centrally and strategically will comfortably heat not only living areas, but take a good amount of chill off, from down hallways, and open bedroom doors.

I’m always happy to have a conversation with you in regard to your heating or cooling requirements, whether for an existing home, renovation, or new build.

We’re passionate about keeping New Zealanders warm.