As the days get shorter and the evenings get darker you can begin to count on another cold Wellington winter. Over the autumn and winter months the cool air causes moisture to loom in every room of your home, as are less hours of good ol’ sunshine to evaporate it. Hello again, condensation…it’s been a while!

Condensation is one of most common contenders for dampness in a property. It can cause a world of hurt for your home: from peeling wallpaper to warped wood and mouldy windows or curtains. Because mould can be really harmful to your health, this level of condensation buildup is something you’ll be wanting to avoid, right?

This condensation is looming because your property most likely needs improvement in the ventilation department. You need a clean circulation of hair and an element of warmth that can keep that condensation at bay… you need a heatpump!


Heatpumps and condensation

In addition to their handy heating and cooling abilities, some headpumps come with dehumidifying benefits (and some have a special condensation-removing feature that you can initiate at the touch of a button)!

Whatever kind of heatpump you install this autumn or winter, it’s going to send warm air circulating through your home, which will discourage moisture buildup and keep the air healthy and dry.


Improving the quality of your air  

Because smoke and fumes are not on the menu for a home heated by a heatpump, you’ll be able to enjoy a constant flow of clean, fresh air that’s warm and healthy. And, as we mentioned earlier, your unit will efficiently circulate the air throughout each room. The filters in a heatpump provide clean, purified air while removing dust, mold spores, odours, smoke and other particles. Heatpumps are known to be excellent choices for homeowners and their families if any member suffers from asthma or allergies.
If you’d like to give your home a healthy, fresh breath of life then get in touch with our technician today! We offer heatpump repair and installation services in Wellington, but you better be quick because Winter is our busiest time of year for Welington heatpump installation!