Meet The Team

Tim Kloeg – Director

Together with Sarah, Tim founded Wellington Refrigeration Ltd with a passion for people, technology and the environment; providing people with exceptional service, innovative products, and environmentally responsible ethics and knowledge in the heating and cooling business.

Growing a committed team and aiding in their personal development is what Tim enjoys. This has resulted in a committed family-like team, a large loyal client base and a trusted and well respected Wellington owned and operated business.

Tim spends his free time with Sarah and son Leon, boating and fishing or training for his next trail running race.

Sarah Kloeg – Finance Manager

Sarah was born in Wellington and raised in the Wairarapa. She started her working career in Accountancy before doing her OE. When Sarah returned from her travels she worked for an insurance broking company working her way up to become a broker. Tim and Sarah started Wellington Refrigeration in 2016, so she juggled working full time along with supporting Tim in the business. They then had Leon in 2017 and she has been a stay at home mum/finance manager in the business ever since.

Laura Jameson – Operations Manager

Laura is the pivotal central operator of the business. She drives the team, ensuring there is clear communication from tech to client. She is empathetic, and only wants the best solutions for her clients. Laura is a high achieving problem solver and loves her job.

Laura like to spend her free time with family and friends and going on adventures with her dog Evie.

Clinton – Project Management and Sales

Known by many as the father of modern refrigeration, Clinton has come to us to help usher in the next chapter in Wellington Refrigeration’s growth with his high level of expertise in sales and project management.

Leveraging heavily on his years of experience and most recently knowledge in the latest in electronic controls, Clinton is also a welcome leader and mentor to the team.

As a volunteer fire fighter, he is only a call away from dashing off to hang on to a high pressure hose, saving lives, and handing out high fives.

Mark (Olly) Oliver – Cool Room Construction

Hailing from Western Australia, Olly has been building cool rooms since ages ago, and prides himself in the highest quality of craftsmanship we’ve come across so far in NZ. He tells us, “a cool room should be able to be picked up and thrown into Wellington harbour without springing a single leak.” (we don’t know why people are throwing cool rooms into the harbour – but we’ll take his word for it).

He has moved through to the pricing and project management side of the business and now runs the cool room division.

Olly likes to potter about at home in Upper Hutt installing Australian things such as ‘reticulation systems’ in his lawn – which we’ve told him he doesn’t need.

Jack Eastall- Refrigeration Technician

Jack joined us through the HVHS Gateway Program while completing Year 13. He is now working his way to becoming a Qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician, and is well liked by our clients.

Jack is passionate about providing great service from job start to leaving a clean and tidy site.

David Onslow-Osborne – Apprentice Technician

Davy is our newest apprentice, joining WRL to learn this great trade. He has started as a construction assistant, learning important lessons in ‘measure twice, cut once’. He’s doing really well, showing some great talent and attentiveness, and will be a great tech.

We’re not sure that he knows what a barber is, but he’ll be dropped off at the Golden Shears by accident soon if he doesn’t watch out…

Brock Birch – Apprentice Technician

Brock is Wellington born and bred, and is completing his Refrigeration Apprenticeship.

Brock has a great sense of humour and brings great banter to the team, but knows how to get stuck in and work hard.

He spends his evenings interfering with heavy objects at the gym.

Unfortunately for the eager girls out there, Brock is spoken for.



Detroit Gilbert (D) – Cold Room Construction

“Put your hands up… Put your hands up… Put your hands up for Detroit!”

Coming from an engineering and manufacturing background, D is a perfect fit to support Olly in the cold room construction division of the business.

According to his wife, D owns too many cars, but enjoys family time and cruising in his 1974 Chev Caprice

Danny Lorenz – Refrigeration Technician

With a particular attention to detail, in the gym, Danny likes to keep himself fit and healthy which flows into unashamed positivity and a sincere focus on customer satisfaction.

His ability to put away food is second to none, although a bit of salt and pepper on that chicken breast wouldn’t go amiss…

George Unstead – Joss – Refrigeration Apprentice

Coming from a long line of refrigeration engineers, George thought he’s do something a little different and become a refrigeration engineer.

Showing a superb attitude and a real commitment to his work, he has proven he is ready for an apprenticeship and will go well.

George is a life guard swimmer and is ready to rescue at the drop of a hat. His good looks have been known to result in a few false calls at aqua jogging.

Toby Brown – Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Technician

From surfing the waves of Raglan to bobbing amongst the ice bergs in Lyall Bay, Toby has come to us with a strong background in electrical and air conditioning experience. He has come to the air conditioning service, heat pump installation and maintenance team.

He enjoys playing board games and paints figurines in his spare time.

Have you thought about the value of a Refrigeration Team vs a One-man band?

Over the years, and especially over the Christmas and New Years break, our on-call team were called out to multiple businesses due to their one-man band refrigeration guy had gone away on holiday! This added a lot of extra stress to their clients over and above the stress associated with refrigeration breakdowns. Thankfully the issues were resolved smartly by us, but the costs were higher due to unfamiliarity with the sites and our ‘new-client call out charge for after hours’. We understand that the one-man band out there may be cheaper per hour by a few bucks throughout the week, but do they offer a true and reliable 24/7, 365 days per year response that a refrigeration consumer really needs?