Our Mission

To provide the best service in Wellington

To care for our environment through the safe and sustainable handling of refrigerants

To create financially efficient solutions for our clients

To build lasting relationships with our customers by being consistently reliable and effective

To be an active health and safety supporter

To be an exemplary employer and cultivate a confident and motivated team

Service Standards


We strive to be leaders in refrigeration and the service industry


Our customers come first, and they will know we have delivered the best possible result at the best possible price and it’s a long-lasting solution.


We will act with honesty and integrity with both our customers and suppliers


We will be punctual


We will prioritise and rectify any fault we are responsible for at our own cost


We will guarantee a safe and tidy work site during and following any works


We are high quality trades people, delivering a high quality of service, product, and installation


We will be ethical and environmentally responsible in the use of all refrigerants and equipment