We have seen a large influx of ‘cost effective’ chiller cabinets being imported into the country predominantly from China. Our local manufactures are facing a changing market where their only option is to aim for the bespoke, high end, or architecturally designed market of chiller cabinets as they struggle to compete for the average man’s chilled display, or service cabinet.

But as we all know so well, the lower the capital cost of an appliance or service, generally the quality seems to plummet with it. We find we are being called shortly after these units have been purchased and installed carrying out repairs which we would not have normally come across for ten years or more on our locally built chillers.

Evaporator leaks are one of the most common faults we come across, and this tends to happen from within one to three years maximum on 95% of all food prep, service, or display chiller cabinets imported out of China. The copper coil wall thickness is paper thin and corrosion attacks these coils very quickly causing them to become porous and the high pressure refrigerant quickly leaks out.

There is a solution however, and it’s NZ made. We have a high quality evaporator manufacturer here in NZ, and they can make most evaporators to suit, generally for a similar cost as the cheaper imported equivalent, and the difference in quality is massive!

Talk to us today about your leaking evaporator or your chiller that “requires” regular regassing. As few people know – refrigeration systems should never be regassed regularly. A leak should be repaired or leaking part replaced as they are a closed system and the refrigerants they leak out are harmful for our environment.

“The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.” – JP II

Tim Kloeg
Climate Changer