Control your climate

Forget a blast of heat or a slow drizzle of warmth; heat pumps work to control the climate in your home! With a heat pump, you can customise the temperature in your space, maintaining a ‘not too hot, not too cold’ climate that’s as comfortable as possible for you and your family. Unlike fires and gas heaters, a heat pump can provide exact temperature levels in your home – find a number you like and leave the heat pump to adjust itself to meet your temp mark.

Forget cleaning: think convenient

Remembering to switch off a heater or put out a fire can be a drag, especially if you’re in a rush to head out of your house. Fires and gas heaters can be a safety hazard in that respect, as homeowners often forget to flick the switch or extinguish their fires before popping out of the house (both heaters and fireplaces should only be on when someone is around to safely monitor their use). Worse than that can be the cleaning process – cleaning out a fireplace can be a day’s worth of work and cause more mess than it’s worth!

Then of course there’s the fact that you’ll be arriving home on a cold winter’s night to a freezing home. There’ll be fights for the spot in front of the heater, or shivering battles with the fireplace as you try to light one in a hurry to heat your home.

Heat pumps surpass all these problems effortlessly. With their super-convenient timer settings you’ll be able to set and forget your unit while you’re home, as well as timing it to turn on half an hour before you arrive home! You’ll arrive to a house set to the perfect temperature – walk in on the warmth!

Oh, and as far as cleaning is concerned, all you need to do is call your local Wellington heat pump technician for a heat pump servicing once in awhile. A heat pump service in Wellington will ensure your machine is working as efficiently as the day it was installed…no mess or stress necessary.

Heat pump installation in Wellington

Enjoy the most efficient and quietest heat pumps on the market. We only supply and install the best in heat pump technology.

Heat pump servicing in Wellington

Winter is on its way – get you’re Wellington heat pump running at optimum to ensure efficient and fresh-smelling operation with a full service by a qualified refrigeration engineer. We service all makes and models!