While you might not be able to beat Wellington on a good day, you can certainly do better than a roasting building with a broken air conditioning system! Summer is coming to the capital and all Wellingtonians want when they end up indoors is a cool escape from the heavy heat. Your Wellington air conditioning system is the only line of defense you have standing between you and a whole lot more warmth than any sane human can handle.

It’s a given that your Wellington home’s air conditioning system should be in tip top shape. Be that as it may, you’d be surprised at how many public places – where crowds of people are expected to gather – end up becoming giant ovens over the summer months.

One such space could be anywhere you expect your employees to work over the summer.

Too warm at work

Let’s put it this way: you simply can’t expect much productivity from a building of overheating employees. If your workers are fighting over who gets to sit by the window or the fan, it might be time for you to book a visit from your Wellington air conditioning serviceman. This is especially important in both professional and hospitality environments.

Office Workers

For professionals, spending their summer work days in a full suit can be torturous! Give your team a refreshingly cool oasis to work in by ensuring that your Wellington air conditioning system is happy and healthy.

Hospitality Workers

Hospitality workers, on the other hand, are going to be busy darting around cafes and restaurants as they busily bring food and beverages to the masses of holidaymakers and tourists that Wellington sees over its summer months. You certainly break a sweat on any normal day working in a restaurant or cafe, so imagine how much hotter those staff members get in the summer! Keep the cafe cool for your staff so that they can do the same for your customers this summer.

A Wellington air conditioning technician is always busy during the hottest months of the year. Don’t wait until it’s too late: be sure to give the team at Wellington Refrigeration a call now to get your air conditioning system serviced before summer really kicks in!