Wellington Refrigeration & Heat Pump Servicing

Wellington Refrigeration Ltd was founded in 2016 by Tim and Sarah Kloeg with a mission to provide excellent Wellington wide service and reliability in refrigerated and air conditioning equipment.

Together with a team of experienced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technicians, they tackle new installations, complex diagnostics and repairs, right down to cleaning air conditioning with pride and efficiency.

The environmental impact of refrigerants, the life blood of refrigeration, has always been a serious concern at Wellington Refrigeration. Implementing an in-house ‘no loss’ policy and commitment to the responsible handling of all refrigerants has been a non-negotiable. This approach has the full support of the team, customers and suppliers, and we have a reputation for this attitude. We are now proud to have installed our first Co2 refrigerated system used for heating water.

Our vision is to Change Climates – in the right way. We strive to use lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) Refrigerants where ever available and practical – not letting price come in the way of our environmental duty of care.

Wellington Refrigeration has developed its own app based software for all commissioning, service check lists, and diagnostic tools which have been valuable for our clients relying on documented compliance and MPI requirements as well as controller calibration.

Tim Kloeg – Owner

Our mind is open to constantly improving what we do. We know the environment and business is constantly changing. We understand the need to adapt to it and we’ve done this from day one.

Our team and client base has grown significantly since our founding according to our plan to meet the often urgent needs of our clients. We’ve had the pleasure of aligning ourselves alongside entrepreneurs, producers, farmers, craftsman, and community organisations such as churches, schools and maraes.

We are industry trainers, and spend a considerable amount of time, effort and investment in the next generation of technicians, coaching them to a high standard of ability and workmanship. Our clients with the long term goal in mind have similar values and are welcoming of our trainees. We price fairly, according to skill level and ability to assist on each job.

We look forward to doing very cool business with you!

Our mission

  • To provide the best service in Wellington.
  • To care for our environment through the safe and sustainable handling of global warming potential refrigerants.
  • To support the many growing industries in Wellington.
  • To build lasting relationships with our customers by listening to their needs and requirements and delivering trusted and reliable solutions that work.
  • To be an active health and safety supporter.

Service Standards

  1. We strive to be leaders in refrigeration
  2. We aim to deliver the best solution for the customer
  3. We will act with honesty and integrity with both our customers and suppliers
  4. We will be punctual
  5. We will prioritise and rectify any fault we are responsible for at our own cost
  6. We will leave a clean and tidy workspace and ensure our work is of the best quality
  7. We will guarantee a safe and tidy work site during and following any works
  8. We will be ethical and environmentally responsible in the use of all refrigerants and equipment.