Coffee is the lifeblood of Wellington, so it makes sense for our city to be jam-packed with copious cafes and eateries. Unless you serve black coffee and imperishable foods only, there’s a 100% chance your cafe or eatery will house a refrigerator.


Picture this…

The last thing any barista wants in the morning when they walk in to open their cafe is defrosted pastries or unusable milk. Huge amounts of wasted stock sitting in a warm faulty freezer or refrigeration unit is a hospitality crisis!


A pricey problem

An ‘out of service’ fridge can put a restaurant or cafe out of business for hours – sometimes days! If you act fast and call in the emergency refrigeration services in Wellington then there’s a good chance you could have your store up and running in time for the next milk and food order.


Who you gonna call?

The friendly team at Wellington Refrigeration will be sure to get things up and running for you in no time! All you need to do is get in contact – let our expert technician handle the rest.

Wellington refrigeration units can range from tiny (under-counter units) to huge walk-in Cool Rooms or Freezer Rooms. Regardless of what sort of unit you have in your place of business: if it encounters an issue, we can help!

The team at Wellington Refrigeration have handled refrigeration emergencies in Wellington and Lower Hutt long enough to be able to fix a myriad of different units: be it a gelato machine or a Blast Freezer.  

We service the Wellington Region, from Wellington City to the Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast.


Save yourself future stress

If you don’t want to be drowning in drama when you end up with a broken fridge in Wellington, then you might like to consider calling us about a Service Plan. We can have our technician perform regular checkups on your unit or units to ensure things are running continuously smoothly – this is the most efficient way to keep your commercial fridge running in Wellington.


Get the most efficiency and reliability out of your unit. Talk to us about a service plan today.

In case of a refrigeration emergency in Lower Hutt or Wellington, we are on call – 04 565 0550! Or submit an enquiry using our form.